Raw cotton is an agricultural commodity and the quality, color, staple length, strength etc. of the cotton depends upon climatic conditions..


The selected raw cotton and recycled cotton are mixed with each other according to the count to be manufactured. The ratio of mixing..


The mixed cotton is fed into the GBR (Super Bale opener) of the Blow room and is cleaned and beaten in step cleaner. Well equipped machine called ISCAN..


All the Carding machines are TRUMAC COMPANY made High production and auto leveled cards. These are technically well in advanced and upgraded according to..


The Drawing machines role is a important one in the manufacturing of cotton yarn to avoid the thin and thick place in the yarn and also this is the most sensitive one..


These machines are manufactured by M/s ELITEX, BD 200 SN MODEL. Machines and it is made by Czechoslovakia. In this OPEN END SPINNING MACHINES ..


The final OPEN END YARN is been manufactured according to various counts. According to the variation, the features are Eco-friendly and Smooth textured excellent moisture absorbent..


The methods of twisting two or more single yarns are called doubling or folding or ply twisting. Such yarns are designated as doubled yarn, folded yarn or plied yarn and the machines..


After the entire operation of yarn conversion ceases are collected in the baskets manually and send the same to the packing section where there is packed with woven sacks..

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